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Lovez Aqua© Modern Fine Art

Blog Launch: Celebrating the World of Art and Painting

Welcome readers, customers and fans to the official Lovez Aqua© blog launch! To give you a brief overview, I started by Art and Merchandise brand only a few months ago. I wanted to find a way to share my artistic creations with the world and to make them available to purchase so that everyone is able to have a piece of my artwork in their home.

I did not wish to abide by standard rules by simply selling canvases or canvas prints. I wanted to be original, unique and affordable to all. Hence, I entered the world of merchandise! My handmade paintings have been digitally printed on a variety of items, for example, durable tote bags, pet supplies and ceramic mugs. There is something for everyone. Whether it be a gift for your partner and a Christmas present or a Valentine's Day gift, there are many designs to choose from and more designs yet to be released.

Each design I create is made with the utmost care, attention, devotion and love. I wish for every customer to be thrilled with their purchase and I am honoured each time someone purchases from me. It is fulfiling and I could not feel a greater sense of pride when this happens.

About Me

I am a professional abstract artist, photographer, illustrator and graphic designer. I began painting from an early age and since have not looked back. It has always been a passion of mine. I take inspiration from nature and wildlife, particularly the ocean; therefore, you will notice that many pieces I create and am yet to release will be sea themed.

Art Blogs

I decided to start an art blog so that I may share my knowledge of the art world. Whether it be painting tutorials, art techniques or even where to get the best art supplies, knowledge is key to success, therefore, I would relish the chance to spread the knowledge I have to others.

Blogs are to be published on a weekly basis. To keep up to date on the latest news, product launches, sales or blog posts, please take the time to subscribe to my newsletter.

Until then, keep smiling and keep painting :)



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